New JLT Model #717A Narrow Stile Door Clamp

Stock #11440N - Available (New)


Narrow Stile.jpg

  • Model #717A Narrow Stile Door Clamp
  • 26" x 61" Maximum capacity
  • Minimum 9" Clamping Capacity
  • (2) Second Squaring of Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors
  • Precise and Accurate Squaring Guaranteed
  • Includes (2) Vertical Clamps & (1) Horizontal Clamp
  • Easy to use, Single Lever Operation
  • Fast Changeovers
  • 15 Degree Working Angle
  • PRODUCE 100+ Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors per day
  • Clamping force centered on your stiles and rails -- where you need it most
  • Cylinders Located in the back of the machine to Provide Operator with Additional Working Space

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