New Taylor Return Conveyor for Straight Line Rip Saws

Stock #85421N - Available (New)



  • Taylor Return Conveyor for Straight Line Rip Saws
  • Includes: Frame with infinite adjustable legs
  • 60" Wide Pneumatically Powered Catching/Transfer Station and 18" Wide Return Conveyor
  • Variable Speed AC Drive
  • Returns material up to 18" wide and 96" long
  • 8' Powered Out-Feed Return Extension
  • By-Pass Switch for through feed of material longer than 96" or wider than 18" (requires 2nd operator on out feed)
  • The Taylor Return Conveyor is ideal for any shop that would like to reduce labor and operate their line equipment with one operator
  • At less than the annual cost of an operator to tail the machine, a return conveyor will pay for itself in less than a year
  • The Taylor Return Conveyor has features such as individually clutched powered rollers for long belt life
  • Variable speed AC drive to match feed rate of machine
  • Lower return for over/under feeding of material
  • and of course Taylor's commitment to quality and reliability
  • Our customers claim that the durability and dependability of the Taylor Return Conveyor have made it the best overall value over any other return conveyor on the market

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