Item Manufacturer Machine Name Availability
P108-31-01.jpgP108-31Accurate TechnologyProScale Model 150 with LED ReadoutAvailable
P108-32-01.JPGP108-32IMAIMA Imatronic P2P Controller w/ LED ScreenAvailable
P108-33-01.JPGP108-33IMAIMA Model 79649 Two Motor End-Trim Unit (LH)Available
P108-34-01.JPGP108-34IMAIMA Model 92716 Top & Bottom Trim Unit (LH)Available
536-01.jpg536KregModel DK 1100 Pocket Hole BorerAvailable
537-01.jpg537BlumModel Minipress Hinge BorerSale Pending
538c-01.jpg538PowermaticModel 1140F Manual Drill PressAvailable
539c-01.jpg539PowermaticModel 1140F Manual Drill PressAvailable
1282i-04.JPG1282Black BrothersModel 1205-50 Cold Press 5' x 12'Available
1861c-01.jpg1861KaeserModel Sigma SM11 Screw Air Compressor with DryerAvailable
2623i-05.JPG2623FriulmacModel Randomat E Random Length End MatcherAvailable
2786c-03.jpg2786DanckaeartStock FeederAvailable
2787c-01.jpg2787Bridgewood4-Roll FeederSold
2788c-01.jpg2788GrizzlyModel G1778 1/4Hp FeederAvailable
3098c-01.jpg3098WadkinModel NNU 300 Profile GrinderAvailable
GT800 CNC Boring Machine.jpg05700NMaggiModel GT800 CNC Boring MachineAvailable
GT800 CNC Boring Machine.jpg05750NMaggiModel GT800 CNC Boring Machine - Fully LoadedAvailable
7087c-01.jpg7087TimesaversModel 337 4HDTB Two-Head Abrasive PlanerAvailable
7088c-01.jpg7088KundigModel Topiq 2-43 43" 2-Head Wide Belt SanderAvailable
7467c-01.jpg7467PowermaticModel 81 20" BandsawAvailable
7549-1.jpg7549StennerModel VHE 36 Mk II, 36" Vertical Band ResawAvailable
7817-01.jpg7817CTDModel M25R Miter Saw w/TigerStop Available
8042c-01.jpg8042UltimizersDuo-Drive Optimizing Saw w/ Ulti-Vision ScannerAvailable
8965c-01.jpg8965PowermaticModel 66-TA Tilting Arbor 10" Table SawAvailable
IMG_1806.jpg8966JetModel JPS-10TS 10" ProShop Table SawAvailable
9076c-01.jpg9076PowermaticModel 72-TA Tilting Arbor 14" Table SawAvailable
9958i-02.JPG9958PadeModedl T45 Double Table Round End TenonorAvailable
10135.jpg10135Taylor20 Section Clamp CarrierAvailable
10136-1.jpg10136Taylor40 Section Clamp Carrier 8.5' WideAvailable
10137c-01.jpg10137Taylor40-Section Automated Clamp CarrierAvailable
airPod.gif12600NBlack BrothersEnd Loading Motorized Air Pod Press 5' x 12'Available
SP 1-A Through Feed Case Clamp.jpg15300NItalpresseModel SP/1-A Automatic Through Feed Case ClampAvailable
Kube 25-S low-res.png15325NItalpresseModel Kube /25-S Case Clamp Semi-AutomaticAvailable
24147i-02.JPG24147DanthermModel NFP-S1000 Dust CollectorAvailable
24148-01.jpg24148Murphy-RodgersModel MRA-15-RAL Dust CollectorAvailable
24149c-01.jpg24149JetModel DC-1100VX 1.5 Hp Dust CollectorSale Pending
25141c-02.jpg25141BrandtModel KDF 230 C Ambition 1230 EdgebanderAvailable
STS 300:6.jpg29300NStanzaSimple Spray STS 300/6 Lineal Spray MachineAvailable
US Concepts CHB8i-01.jpg31100NUS ConceptsModel CHB 8 Hauncher-NotcherAvailable
35123c-01.jpg35123TaylorModel 300189 300192 20" Slat Type Glue SpreaderAvailable
44258c-01.jpg44258UnknownDJ Products Cart Caddy Cart Helper/MoverAvailable
44302-01.jpg44302SchmalzModel JumboErgo Vacuum Tube LifterAvailable
44303c-01.jpg44303ClarkModel GCX25 3950 lb. Capacity Fork LiftAvailable
44801Ni-01.JPG44801NSouthworthLS4-36 4000lb 48 x 72" smooth plate with comfort eAvailable
44802Ni-01.JPG44802NSouthworthLS6-36 6000lb 48 x 96 smooth plate with comfort edAvailable
backsaver_lift_table_7deebf077fa32276637582bac6ace44900NSouthworthModel LS4-36 Backsaver Scissors LiftAvailable
47156c-24.jpg47156WadkinModel XE 220 6-Head Through Feed MoulderAvailable
47157c-01.jpg47157Mid-OregonModel LCF-16N-440-HP-HD Lateral InfeedAvailable
47158c-01.jpg47158Mid-OregonModel OFCONV-8S-2C-64 Moulder Outfeed ConveyorAvailable
47159c-03.jpg47159FriulmacModel FN3 1300 Double-End Trim/FeederAvailable
51108-1.jpg51108WhitneyModel S290 Single Sided PlanerAvailable
51109-01.jpg51109SacModel S63 Planer 24" WideAvailable
52102i-01.jpg52102PinheiroModel MF2EF-630, 24" Four Sided Planer MatcherAvailable
NT-1000HCHD-XL-Double-Surface-Planer_1378A.jpg52103NorthtechModel NT 1000HCHD-XL Double Surface Planer - ReconAvailable
Newman TS-24.png52350NNewmanModel TS-24 Equalizing Module for EPR-24 & S-282-2Available
NT-10-1100PRC_1169B.jpg53400NNorthtechModel NT 10-1100PRP 3-Head Planer SanderAvailable
57136-1.jpg57136Omnitech SystemsModel SELEXX PAL 5' x 10' CNC RouterAvailable
G2 Genesis Image.png57700NGibenModel G2 Genesis 3-axis CNC RouterAvailable
G4 EVO.jpeg57800NGibenModel G4 EVO 3-axis CNC RouterAvailable
G4 Full Line.jpg57900NGibenModel G4 EVO Nesting LineAvailable
disc-grinder-dg500.jpg59100NBaileigh Industrial, Inc.Model DG-500 Disc Grinder/SanderAvailable
Stanza SB-series 1.jpg64300NStanzaModel SB 600/3 24" Finish Sander - 3 Abrasive StatAvailable
Stanza SB-series 1.jpg64325NStanzaModel SB 1000/3 39" Finish Sander - 3 Abrasive StaAvailable
Stanza SB-series 1.jpg64350NStanzaModel SB 1350/3 52" Finish Sander - 3 Abrasive StaAvailable
6910-003-2.jpg68100NOliverModel 6910 Oscillating Spindle SanderAvailable
69119-1.jpg69119SandingmasterModel KCSB-1300, Single Head 51" Wide Belt SanderAvailable
Northtech NT 12-1100RP.png70600NNorthtechModel NT 12-1100RP 41" 2-Head Wide Belt SanderAvailable
NT-12-1100RC-1.jpg70650NNorthtechModel NT 12-1100RC 41" 2-Head Wide Belt SanderAvailable
NT-12-1300R_1168B.jpg70700NNorthtechModel NT 12-1300R 51" Wide Belt SanderAvailable
Mac-15.jpg75800NMega Mac Woodworking Machinery Co, LTDModel Mac-15 Thin Cutting Frame SawAvailable
Mac-160.jpg75850NMega Mac Woodworking Machinery Co, LTDModel Mac-160 Heavy-Duty Thin Cutting Frame SawAvailable
Mac-150.jpg75900NMega Mac Woodworking Machinery Co, LTDModel Mac-150 Heavy-Duty Thin Cutting Frame SawAvailable
RazorGage Optimal w Pocket Hole.jpg80450NRazorgageModel RazorOptimal Pocket Hole Saw SystemAvailable
81126c-01.jpg81126WhirlwindModel 212L Up-Cut SawAvailable
82113c-01.jpg82113Holz-HerModel Cut 70 Type 6110 Pressure Beam Saw 12'Available
86134i-02.JPG86134Mereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC Gang RipsawAvailable
10-table-saw.jpeg89400NOliverModel 4016.003 5Hp 1ph 10" Professional Table SawAvailable
91110-01.jpg91110RoblandModel Z320 Sliding Table SawAvailable
93126c-01.jpg93126Grizzly7.5 Hp Tilting Spindle ShaperAvailable
93127c-01.jpg93127PowermaticModel 27 Single Spindle ShaperAvailable
93128c-01.jpg93128PowermaticModel 28 Single Spindle ShaperSold
Hofmann UFM 210 Vision.png93900NHofmann Maschinenfabrik GmbHModel UFM 210 Vision Universal Spindle MoulderAvailable
101124c-30.jpg101124JenkinsModel 144 Double-End TenonerAvailable
104151c-02.jpg104151HoffmannMORSO NFL Manual Beaded Face-Frame NotcherAvailable
104152-01.jpg104152HoffmannModel MU2-P Dovetail Routing MachineSold
104153i-01.jpg104153MarcusTransformer 112.5 KVAAvailable
RazorGage Anglemaster.jpg811000NRazorgageModel AngleMaster Programmable Angle Saw SystemAvailable
Northtech NT-CS24L.jpg812000NNorthtechModel CS-24 Up Cut SawAvailable
CTD Up Cut Saw 218.jpg812100NCTDModel UCS218 - 18" Straight Cut Off Up Cut SawAvailable
CTD Up Cut Saw 222.jpg812200NCTDModel UCS222 - 22" Straight Cut Off Upcut SawAvailable
CTD Up Cut Saw 222M, 222MQ, or 222MD.jpg812300NCTDModel UCS222M - 22" Miter Cut Off Up Cut SawAvailable
CTD Up Cut Saw 222M, 222MQ, or 222MD.jpg812400NCTDModel UCS222MQ - 22" Miter Cut Off Up Cut SawAvailable
CTD Up Cut Saw 222M, 222MQ, or 222MD.jpg812500NCTDModel UCS222MD - 22" Miter Cut Off Up Cut SawAvailable
825000N.jpg825000NGibenModel Matic 75SP Rear-Load Panel SawAvailable
825100N.jpg825100NGibenModel Matic 90SP Rear-Load Panel SawAvailable
Prisma6000 SPT.png825200NGibenModel Prisma6000 SPT Rear-Load Panel SawAvailable